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AA @Anime Next 2023

Anime Next in NJ! First time going to Anime Next! I think this is my only other NJ convention. Honestly it was so nice seeing people who also went to CPAC last month come by and recognize me haha.

I had a last minute drop in and it was a nice venue but definitely confusing with all that was going on. I didn't realize there was another venue linked to the con for all other events other the alley. Since the concert location is also right in the same floor with the artist alley, it was certainly hard to hear at times but I manage to discover great finds at this event! Would definitely apply again to go.


• New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center •

997 Sunfield Ave

Edison, NJ 08837

Friday, June 16th – Sunday June 18, 2023

Chizu Works @ Table 1227!


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