Featuring a manga I read when it first came out and now anime! Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba

I tried to do something a little different and took the opportunity with this design. The chain pins include a drop design of the four main characters.

On the large pin, you'll see the helpful messenger crow and for our timid demon slayers, a sparrow nesting on a wisteria branch. As for the connecting small pin, they're pretty self explanatory! But regardless, a guide for those who are new and just getting into it!


Here's a break down of what you can get! 

❃ Wisteria: Crow/Sparrow Westeria Pin

❃ Wisteria x Tanjiro Pin: Crow/Sparrow Westeria Pin + Jump Rings x2 + Chain + Tanjiro's Hanafuda Earrings Pin

❃ Wisteria x Nezuko Pin: Crow/Sparrow Westeria Pin + Jump Rings x2 + Chain + Nezuko's Bamboo Bit Pin

❃ Wisteria x Inosuke Pin: Crow/Sparrow Westeria Pin + Jump Rings x2 + Chain + Inosuke's Boar Mask Pin

❃ Wisteria x Zenitsu Pin: Crow/Sparrow Westeria Pin + Jump Rings x2 + Chain + Zenitsu's Sparrow Pin

❃ Demon Slayer Set Pin: Crow/Sparrow Westeria Pin + Connected Jump Rings x5 + 4 Chains + All 4 character pins


. . . ✾ PLEASE NOTE: Add-on options do not include the wisteria pin. 

                                      Add-on options only include the chain, connected jump rings (2), and the selected character pin.

YOU MUST be ordering or have already ordered a chain pin pair before you can add-on. Orders with no pair or history of an ordered pair will be rejected.

. Exceptions: If you bought from me in person at an event, send me a message and picture and we'll work this out!



✦ Hard Enamel Pin

✦ Rubber Pin Back
✦ Backing Card

✧ 40 mm Larger Pin + Double Back Posts

✧ 25 mm Smaller Pin + Single Back Post
✧ Gold Plated

✧ Logo Stamped on the Back

✧ Gold Chain ~7cm

Demon Slayer Chain Enamel Pin

Quality: Pin Grade

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