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S.G.hibli : Fireflies and Candy Enamel Pin

-S.G.hibli Collection-


Enamel Pin


This movie, although made in animation, was for the adults and children that lived through World War II. As I was watching it as a kid, though I didn't understand everything, I knew enough that it portrayed the love and sacrifice during war time spared no one. This is in dedication to that feeling. I only watched it once and that's all it took for me to remember it vividly to this day.



✦ Hard Enamel Pin

✦ Rubber Backing
✦ Backing Card

✧ 37mm 
✧ Gold Plated 
✧ Double Back Post

✧ Logo Stamped on the Back

S.G.hibli : Fireflies and Candy Enamel Pin

$12.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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