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Terrarium Stickers

-KissCut Stickers-

What little jar of plant suits your taste?

♦ Red Butterfly Terrarium

♦ Purple Butterfly Terrarium

♦ Red Rose Terrarium

♦ Black Rose Terrarium

♦ Toxic Terrarium

♦ Garden Jar Terrarium (discontinued)


Choice Sticker Pack - BUY 5 for $4, choose which stickers you'd like!

(You can mix & match with Studio Ghibli and Spectacled Dog Stickers!)


✦ Kiss Cut Sticker

✦ Measures ~2"x2"in

✦ Actual sticker ~ 1.75"in

✧ Vinyl Sticker

✧ Weather-proof

✧ UV-proof

✧ Removable Sticker

Terrarium Stickers

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