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ChizuWorks Story

- My work here is a collection of mostly original & fan enamel pins, a little bit of stickers, some illustrations, a tad of stationery and sometimes fashion. I'm a singlular small business owned professional hobby artist thoroughly invested in this life project! -

About me

Me? My name is Chi. Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me! No life secrets but my story for this website started off with doing a couple of sketches when I was a kid and that grew to drawing fanart of shows and things I liked. As I continued, I started making my own original designs and finally wanting something to come to life.

. . . Here we are!

I have a wide variety of interests due to being a mostly being an indoor person. Some include knitting, gaming, reading manga, watching anime, organizing (a bit of OCD mixed in here), spending time with my family, small close group of friends and of course, lounging with my little turtle and old lady doggo.

My Magic Mediums

Digital Drawing Tablet + Laptop

Paper Sketch Book

Gel Pens and a Lead Pencils

Measuring Ruler + Measuring Tape

Pliers & Craft Tools


Inspiration can come from anywhere and I mostly take it from things I see during my walks, daydreams, anime, foods and flavors.

-Fun Facts-

The name ChizuWorks originates from a play on phonetics of my own name and some thing that I love to eat. Can you guess what? It's actually the Japanese romaji of the american word cheese! But it is also a word that means map in Japanese.

My logo is an image of how I tend to look when I get too absorbed in drawing.

My little old man turtle is a red eared slider. He's a bit of a dumbo but I love him always. I like to have him crawl around outside when ever I get the chance.

His name is ByoByo.

Pronounced "PyoPyo"

My old lady doggo became part of my family at a much later stage in her life but this changes nothing in how much I adore and love her. She has absolutely no hobbies or interests other than food, sleeping, people watching and more sleeping.

Her name is Bella.

Pronounced "Bay Ya" 

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