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Thank you for the review!

My Polar Tang pin arrived safely and in excellent condition! I love it so much, like your other OP ship pins actually ! Definitly buy pins here again when I got money !

2023-05-11 @03:57 

Gaëlle G.

Lyon, France

My pin arrived safely and in excellent condition! I absolutely adore this pin. Definitely going on to my work lanyard!

2023-02-03 @16:40 

Melia D.


I ordered the complete miraculous enamel pin set and it is beautiful! Such amazing art and quality, fast shipping too and seller is quick to respond if you have questions. I would recommend this shop to anyone. If you are contemplating making a purchase just do it, it's worth it!

2022-04-21 @17:00

Heather S.


I got the miraculous ladybug pins set and I love them. I can't wait to use them :D

2022-02-16 @03:00

Anabel C.


Oh my goodness, these are the most gorgeous pins I've EVER seen and I've been collecting pins for 10 years. The colors are amazing, the enamel is so smooth and the number of clasps is perfect for precise pinning. I cannot wait to buy more! I also love the eco-friendly packaging, the pins were well-protected but without extraneous plastic. Thank you for the amazing pins!

2021-08-20 @5:00

Audrey A.

Liebefeld, Switzerland

The miraculous pins are so beautiful!  I love the creativity of all the designs so much.  I ordered the set in B grade because I was too impatient for the restock and they're still so pretty I can't even tell XD.  Thank you so much!  I hope to see your shop at kawaiikon next time~

2021-06-03 @18:00

MAdison Z.

Kaneohe, HI

I ordered pins and a pouch for my sister and a pins for myself and I absolutely adore them. The quality is amazing and I feel the pins are very secured so I dont have to worry about them falling off while I'm working.  They're also well designed and I love the style of it.

2021-01-09 @11:58

Stacey G.

Bel Air, MA

I found you through your recent kickstarter and absolutely adore your pins. Working on saving up for the ghibli pins next. Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

2020-09-07 @21:38

Kimberly S.

Sacramento, CA

10/10 one of my all-time favorite pin creators and artists!!! love you lotso Chizu <3

2020-07-06 @05:02

NArrzi C.

Stevenson Ranch, CA

Absolutely love the OP ships! They are stunning. Great packaging, fast shipping and so kind when it comes to talking via social media.  Will keep coming back for more

2023-03-15 @22:03 

amber w.


Amazing quality items!!! Wonderful packaging and shipping time! Great website, easy to navigate and checkout. Nothing but a wonderful experience!! Thank u!!!

2022-07-30 @13:42 

Paige s.


Gorgeous pins, high quality stuff, will definitely buy again!

2022-03-31 @18:00




2022-02-10 @17:00

Rebecca H.


I loved the fanart print of Deku! Once I opened the package I was in complete awe and fell in love with the print. It's so beautiful especially with the prismatic glass and the art is gorgeous. The next time I have money I will for sure be spending it on here and get more of items. Can't wait to put the print on my wall!

2021-07-26 @17:00

Chloe A.

El Paso, TX

Thank you so much for such beautiful pins!! Also I really loved the cute packaging and enjoyed the scented paper too!

2021-01-29 @04:00

Melissa H.

San Francisco, CA

I love the designs of each of the pins and always find myself coming back here! Communications with the seller are always going smoothly, big points!

2020-11-09 @07:02

Michelle D.

Chicago, IL

Fantastic pins! The art is gorgeous, and the surprise sticker is ridiculously cute. Thank you!

2020-08-12 @01:17

Maegen P.

Bellingham, WA

I ordered the rainbow koi sticker and it's even prettier in person! I placed my order on a Sunday and it arrived before the end of the week. It came packaged in a regular envelope containing a sticker-sized manilla envelope inside of a clear plastic sleeve. In addition to the sticker I ordered, I also received a cute little plant-filled jar sticker and a Chizu Works business card. I'll likely be back for more cute stuff!

2020-05-19 @15:05

Gracie R.

Bel Air, MA

Genuinely one of my absolute favorite pin makers.  The style is unique and refreshing, the designs are both referential and original, the craftsmanship is outstanding, and I only have had wonderful experiences with the artist and owner.  As others mentioned the shipping is fast (which is appreciated) but I’d like to add that the packaging is recyclable, which resolves one of my major issues with small item sales.  I also immediately felt the personalization and attention to detail in every element of the package.  This is my third time coming back in a matter of weeks and I recommend this shop to all of my friends (which is easy since they all ask about these beautiful pins).   Thank you for making such wonderful tangible art and I can’t wait to see your next projects!

2023-03-14 @3:38 

dan b.


All my pins are gorgeous!!🥰 the details are awesome.  Great customer service.  Will come back 4 more!! TY 😉

2022-07-25 @04:45

Carolina S.


I love the pin designs! The shipping is quick and even the B-grades look nice!

2022-03-10 @01:00

Ron V.


Just received the pins I ordered and they look so cute! I love them so much, will definitely buy from this shop again.

2021-12-06 @14:00

Aspen M.


I received my set of Miraculous Ladybug pins this week and I am absolutely in love!! Thank you, Chi!!

2021-07-24 @07:00

Rebecca H.


Your pin designs are always top notch! The B-grade pins are still very high quality, and I love it even more for its minor flaws. Thank you for the extra stricker, the design and colors are very pretty!

2021-01-25 @19:32

Shiohn K.

Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you so much for the handwritten note, and the stickers! I loved how they look on my computer. :)

2020-10-25 @05:52

Jade C.

Honolulu, C

Shipping was much faster than I expected, especially at a time like this! The pins were gorgeous and top-notch in their quality. Thank you for the extra sticker as well! It's very adorable!

2020-07-30 @20:52

Shiohn K.

Lawrenceville, GA

I made one of my favorite purchases from lespirit's virtual artist alley from here and I do not regret it what so ever. I bought the demon slayer wisteria pin (all four for me and inosuke for a friend) and it was absolutely wonderful. I was expecting to get it mid may with everything going on, but it came soon after I ordered! I literally could not be happier, everything is absolutely wonderful lol.

2020-05-01 @22:00

Jenna H.

Round Rock, TX

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