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FAQ: Shipping & HAndling

Where does my order/package ship from?

All orders ship from New York, USA via USPS Postal Service!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do indeed!


When will you ship my package?

My typical processing times are packing orders on weekends and I ship twice a week depending on my availability, approximately 2 - 5 business days from receiving the order. Please note in times of conventions, promotions and sales, this may take a little longer.

As the only person who is also designing, marketing, planning, inventory managing, ordering, and shipping, please kindly understand that I will try my best to ship your order out as soon as humanly possible.


Will there be a tracking number?

All Domestic Orders come with a USPS Tracking Number.

All International Orders come with a Customs Number that will also double as your Tracking Number


What is my estimated delivery time?

Depending on your postal service and weather in transit, delivery times for first class shipping usually are-

Domestic Orders: 2 - 4 Business Days from Shipping

Canada Orders: 6 - 10 Business Days from Shipping

International Orders: 7 - 25 Business Days from Shipping


What is your return and exchange policy?

Return Policy: I do not accept returns at this time.

Exchange Policy: I allow exchanges up to the time prior to my shipping your order. I do not otherwise accept exchanges.

Replacement Policy: If you product goes missing and or is heavily damaged during transit, please contact me to see if we could work something out. This is a case by case policy.

Cancellation Policy: I only accept cancellations if I've yet to pack your order and ship it.

Help! My package went missing. What do I do now?

Please contact your local postal office and service for more information on your missing package. I am not responsible for the status of the package once I've handed off to deliver especially if it's outside of USA. If you are struggling to find more information about you package, contact me to see if we can open an investigation. I'm happy to assist where I can.

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