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Terms Defined

Item Status:

Pre-Orders - Pre-order items are in the process of being made. Pre-order if you'd like to have these shipped as soon as they arrive to me. This guarantees the chance of you being able to have an item.

I will update pictures of samples as I receive them from my manufacturers and officially when I receive the products in my hand.

If it's a pin pre-order, these will typically ship as A-grades upon arrival.

New Arrivals - New arrivals are items that I just received after pre-order. There are a limited amount available so order as soon as you can! 

Restocks - I do no guarantee that I'll be restocking products after they've been sold out. To see if they will be restocked or retired, please refer to my Instagram for more information or message me for confirmation

Retired - If an item is retired, that means I will no be restocking that specific product indefinitely. The product may have a come back in the future but that is all variable.


Price Adjustments

Promotions - Promotions usually entails Website wide Holiday sales. Promotions cannot be stacked with coupons.

Coupons - Coupons are codes that I specifically create for manual discounts. It may be presented as a some dollar amount off, percent off, or free shipping.

On-Sale/Discounts - On-Sale/Discounts are items that I've manually reduced the price of. This can indicate a holiday sale, last of its stock or retiring of the item.


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