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AA @AWA 2021

This was my first venture out of the city via flying!!!

It was definitely an experience especially because I was hugely concerned about luggage and weight for flying and ensuring my flight turned out okey.

The con itself, fortunately artist were, per usual, very kind and we watched each others back. Loved meeting the variety of artist there and glad to have made new friend before the year ended!

On the off side, I wasn't so grateful that the data signal in the far corner was awful. Charges weren't going through very well and I had to buy the convention building's wifi. This greatly upset me but this also gave me insight into making a solid counter plan for future conventions. There were also a number of other unfortunate incidents that happened throughout the con which I will omit here.

Overall, a decent convention but I think they need more time to develop a proper contingency plan for vendors and artist connective reliability and communication. I'd give it another year or so before I'd apply again. They have potential but I can't agree with disorganization.


Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Galleria

2450 Galleria Parkway

Atlanta, GA 30339

Friday, October 28, 2021 @10AM - Sunday, October 31, 2021 5PM

✧ Table 1046! ✧




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