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AA @AX Chibi 2022

The artist Alley at this event was super high quality! I found so many artists here with beautiful art and merch and got to see some old friends in the vendor alley too! I found a friend from Fanime whom lives in NY as well and caught each other at the airport haha.

IG. blue.mooned

While this event was pretty successful under Anime EXPO, it'll have to go through a few more growing pains in order to reach a quality level worth flying to. I'll continue monitoring and watching but honestly this was a particularly fun weekend because it was also my birthday weekend! I got to spend it with artist friend and a larger than may face cake!

Super thanks to IG. Yuerise for getting the cake and celebrating it with me.


• Ontario Convention Center •

2000 E Convention Center Way

Ontario, CA 91764

Saturday, Nov 12 – Sunday, Nov 23, 2022

Chizu Works @Table C-6


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