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Vendor @Anime NYC 2023

This year was yet another struggle getting into ANYC artist alley. Waitlisted eternal it seems TAT.

Fortune was not on my side but I got together with a few other artist for a vendor table in ANYC. I was in general widely concerned about this year especially due to the huge spike in costs for tables let alone tickets to attend. Alas, the concerned where made reality. At least I was able to table with 2 great local NY artists:

DooziCraft and CrystalHeartedKat!

Regardless I was happy to see my favorite artist and managed to even get the most beloved blessed birthday gift from them, a custom drawing of my favorite One Piece character. Really struck me hard and had me crying in the middle of the hall!

Best of luck next year and pray for me everyone! I hope I can get in!



655 W 34th St

New York, NY 10001

Friday, November 17 – Sunday, November 19, 2021

Find me at Table 2352!



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