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A_TLA: Air N_omads Enamel Pin



-Avatar The Last Airbender Enamel Pin-

We all got hooked on elemental bending ever since ATLA came to animation. If you're an OG reader, I wholesomely respect that.

  • This is featuring the Air Nomad's symbol in a cool vivid way with the center highlight being transparent teal!



✦ Hard Enamel Pin x1

✦ Rubber Backing
✦ Backing Card

✧ ~50mm

✧ Transparent Enamel

✧ Sandblasted Recessed Metal
✧ Gold Plated 

✧ Double Back Post

✧ Logo Stamped on the Back

A_TLA: Air N_omads Enamel Pin

$16.00 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price
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