-Pride Pins- All Profits will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on a monthly basis.


In celebration for the upcoming Pride Month, I've made originally designed pins to low key represent and celebrate who you are!

I have here 9 designs and of course, even if you don't know what they mean, they are also simply nice to look at.

Here is a list of the pride colors going in order from Top to Bottom, Left to Right.

⚬ Allies Pride Enamel Pin

⚬ Pride Enamel Pin

⚬ Bisexual Enamel Pin

⚬ Asexual Enamel Pin

⚬ Pansexual Enamel Pin

⚬ Transgender Enamel Pin

⚬ Gender Fluid Enamel Pin

⚬ Lesbian Enamel Pin

⚬ Gender Queer Enamel Pin



✦ Hard Enamel Pin

✦ Rubber Pin Back
✦ Backing Card

✧ 25mm 
✧ Gold Plated 
✧ Single Back Post

✧ Logo Stamped on the Back

LGBTQ Pride Enamel Pins

Quality: Pin Grade

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