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OP M_arine Enamel Pin



-One Piece Chain Enamel Pin-

Okay, if you watched One Piece long enough, you know not everyone in the Marines are bad like Akainu (Sakazuki) and Kizaru (Borsalino).

Kizaru (Aokiji), Issho, Garp, Sengoku, Smoker, others and our new addition Koby or Coby, who made a name for himself, are the some that do right by justice! This is for you guys!!



✦ Hard Enamel Pin x1

✦ Rubber Backing
✦ Backing Card

✧ ~50mm

✧ Chain Loop
✧ Gold Plated 

✧ Double Back Post

✧ Logo Stamped on the Back

OP M_arine Enamel Pin

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