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AA @Brooklyn Comic Con 2022

A big disappointment in this local event to me. I've gone since their 1st year and honestly, despite it's first run, it went pretty well! The 2nd year was no due to their fault considering the pandemic and then the weather literally bringing in a tropic storm that same weekend. They tried to hold an additional Sunday to make up for the cancelled Sunday for that weekend. Albeit a little disorganized, they still showed they cared.

Now, coming in this year, unfortunately the old venue closed down and they had to move to a new location promptly. This new location was of course still in Brooklyn but the management of information, table location and alley information for vendors was abysmal to non-existent as there was a shortage of tables and the floor was still not set up for the event. Even up until the last minute of opening time, attendees and my own friends who cam to support and have fun waited 2-3 hours before entry due to the entrance not knowing where the staff were to check them in. The entrance to the site was also not in anyway clear for visitors as well. Yet, they continued to update the social media of event currently taking place, to what crowd?

Not only did they push out a fellow vendor (who's been attending since year 1 just as I have been) for frustrating reasons instead of working together for a solution, they'd much rather opt to give them a refund and boot them out.

Aside from that, there were poor health considerations of not having the bathrooms properly cleaned or stocked (ran out of toiletries midday) and the venue was very musty and dusty where some of my companions with respiratory issues were triggered. I love an exposed brick wall style and industrial style but not the literal dust and dirt that comes with it. On top of that, they also allowed entry of a reptile that an attendee allowed others to hold and touch and inappropriately, that attendee had set the reptile on to one of my friends very pastel pink table. Fortunately, there was not a bathroom accident but considering this is a "family friendly" event, I don't think it safe for a potential salmonella risk to be freely roaming around with children especially since they weren't being responsible by telling people to wash their hands and said people continue to touch artists' displays unknowingly contaminating areas.

I love reptiles and animals but this was not the scene for them, no matter how friendly.

The lights were also never turned on even at the end of the day and many vendors suffered from it and barriers were not in place for artists who in the corner. We each hold our own responsibilities to our table but safety measures to prevent theft and unwarranted thoughts should be assisted by the staff. I sadly had a friend's money box thieved from their side due to having their table exposed on the side.

This said reasons, I felt a distinct disregard for not only paid vendors but attendees. It felt like they didn't really care.

Overall, I cannot convince myself to attend again due to numerous reasons until I see notable changes in their organization since their method of solving the reported problems was to delete them and not address them in the manner they deserved.


• The Breeze •

315 Meserole St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

Saturday, June 11 - Sunday, June 12, 2022

Chizu Works


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