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AA @Clover Con 2022

This was a tiny con that I registered to a long time ago and decided to commit to and support the local community's non profit anime convention.

For a small con, honestly, it was not bad at all and the food and drink service on site was so reasonably priced unlike most events you would see. I ended up buying to much from them, especially the popsicles there haha.

For feedback, they do need a touch more on venue in the sense that it was VERY hot in my corner of the room and that there was barely any ventilation. I am a polar bear when it comes to weather and that steamy corner was what was killing me and the tables were actually all different sizes but fortunately didn't affect me.

Their paper work was honestly all in order and on a better note, I was very happy to see some attendees from CPAC here supporting a smaller local con!


Somerset County 4-H

310 Milltown Rd,

Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807

Sunday May 15, 2022

Chizu Works @ Corner room table~


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