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AA @Fanime San Jose 2022

I was super excited for this event!

I'm back at it again in California since ALA~~! NOW to be perfectly clear, there were huge downers about this event and then of course some lovely positives. Due to some miscommunication and honestly, exclusive, non-compromising behavior on the venue (the building, not Fanime themselves) my table help couldn't attend and I had to essentially go solo for the 4 days at fanime.

Other note, I fortunately came with another artist, dooziCraft! We both decided to fly in and be table neighbors for the event! On top of that, my other neighbor was the ever lovely Rashta Lin and her husband Darren! Such a lovely couple and humorous team. They were great company!

I unfortunately couldn't take my time exploring and meeting everyone but I'm glad to say that I got to meet some old con friends, a really random "no way you're here friend" and I GOT TO MEET ROSS DRAWS.

-end of story, jk but here are some of the artists that I managed to say hello to!

I didn't realize this event was a major print con but that's okay. I'd give it another shot again in the future.


• San Jose McEnery Convention Center •

150 W San Carlos St,

San Jose, CA 95113

Friday, May 27 – Monday, May 30, 2022

Chizu Works @ Table 407!


IG: Yuerise didn't make it to the virtual alley board but you tooooo Miuuuuu!!

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