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AA @Otakon 2023

Super last minute off the waitlist! I only had 2 weeks to prep but I'm so excited I got off the waitlist!

So many knew that I was there last minute and were absolutely so kind in trying to help me. In fact, I got to hang out with my idol, aokkun and even managed to find a last minute helper, my lovely Viv, that saved my sorry rear for the weekend. It was such an amazing time and not only that, I also got to meet many familiar faces again!

Special shout out doozicraft for inviting me to a nostalgia stamp rally and dissumerch for housing my bum for the weekend.

So many people were so supportive and it's so lovely for seeing many fans again


• Walter E. Washington Convention Center •

801 Mount Vernon Place NW

Washington, DC 20001

July 28-30, 2023

Chizu Works @ Table F309!


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