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Vendor @Kaiju Night Market NY 2022

This was a particularly different venture for me!

I normally do not go to night clubs but I figure I'd give the anime night club thing a chance. To be honest, I went to an anime night Fest in NY for fun before and that was the trigger along with a friend's recommendation.

For this event, it was nice seeing the NY anime people come together at night for a good time. I'd say I was looking forward to more anime music than what was provided. Granted, I was in the patio where the rest of the vendors were but could still hear the music from the bar when ever the door opened.

The concert hall in the basement probably had a more satisfying track list since the highlighted DJs were there but I'd hope that at least a strew of anime ops/ed and or jpop would at least be played at the bar for general club music instead of the standard night club edm you find everywhere.

I'll continue my search yet for a true anime night event/fest.


• Luv Story bar •

2022 Club Kaiju Night Market

894 Wyckoff Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Chizu Works